Beaufort County, South Carolina

Along the Atlantic coast is where Beaufort County, South Carolina, is situated. The Lowcountry area was established on March 25, 1711, and consists of a single county. The population of Beaufort is less than 20,000. The Beaufort area has a history spanning more than 400 years. Spanish live trees covered with moss and old mansions from the past are essential aspects of its culture.

Beaufort County in South Carolina is a beautiful place to stay and have fun on vacation. The ideal place to find delicious meals or enjoyable entertainment. Both locals and visitors can choose from more than 50 activities, which range from shopping in Beaufort’s shops to going on guided tours.

Hunting Island, a magnificent natural environment with wildlife, is located in Beaufort. It has white sand and crystal blue waters and is South Carolina’s second-busiest beach.

Nine Interesting Facts About The City of Beaufort

Stunning natural scenery and historic charm abound in Beaufort. You might not, however, be aware of how marvelous it is that nature and history are intertwined. Here are nine fascinating facts about this well-liked location.
1. After Charleston, Beaufort is the second-oldest city in South Carolina, founded in 1711. Even though the port town was close to the entrance to the deep, secure Port Royal Sound, it grew much more slowly than Charleston. As a result, the local native population was always in danger of attack by Florida-based Spaniards.
2. On adjacent Parris Island in 1562, the French became the first Europeans to settle in the region. The town was named Charlesfort.
3. Charlesfort, a French settlement, only existed briefly. The French Navy could not replenish the troops and settlers in need at Charlesfort. So, to rebel, they built their spacecraft.
4. Port Royal Sound was the first place in America to construct and launch an oceangoing vessel, thanks to the boats of French settlers.
5. Given that Beaufort’s name sounds French, it is easy to assume that the French also founded it. However, it was afterward founded and given the name Henry Somerset by the English in honor of the Duke of Beaufort.
6. There are 68 islands in Beaufort. As a result, the town is equally submerged at high tide as it is above ground.
7. Beaufort is situated amidst stunning salt marshes. Nearly 25% of the marshlands on the eastern coast are located in Beaufort County.
8. Around the 1960s, Gay Fish Company gave Frogmore Stew its distinctive name. The South Carolina-based dish has been a favorite Lowcountry dish for at least ten years. Beaufort Stew is one of its alternate names.
9. Robert Smalls, an enslaved individual, planned and carried out one of the riskiest escapes during the Civil War to liberate his wife and children. From Charleston Harbor to the liberation, he piloted and commandeered a Confederate ship. His house in Beaufort still exists today.

Beaufort Famous Spots

The second-oldest city in South Carolina offers stunning scenery and a welcoming atmosphere. Both locals and visitors like this little coastal village. The beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle may be found in Beaufort, South Carolina, commonly referred to as the Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands. Only four hours separate this tranquil community of approximately 13,000 people from Queen City. Both tourists and residents like the peaceful coastal sanctuary it provides. So grab a sun hat, sit, and unwind in this tiny corner of the South.

The Beaufort National Cemetery

The Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort Arsenal, and Santa Elena History Center are just a few of the numerous historic locations. Due to its influence on the film industry, the gorgeous port city could look familiar. Popular movies like Forrest Gump, The Great Santini, and The Big Chill were filmed nearby. With Spanish moss covering the town’s major streets and antebellum and beautiful architecture all around, it is obvious why the place has maintained its notoriety.

Beaufort History Museum

The old, yellow-hued Beaufort History Museum is the perfect place to start reliving this area’s extensive historical past. The museum first opened its doors in 1939. The newest display at the museum focuses on the ecology, discoveries, and early phases of colonization and modernization of the little hamlet. In 19th-century storefronts that have been repaired, there are additional jewelry stores. From there, upscale dining and even more shopping options are available in the alleyways. Then, get on the Southern Rose Buggy for a tour from Bay Street. You will learn everything about Beaufort’s antebellum period and Victorian-style buildings throughout the 55-minute ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Thirty-three acres of the Beaufort National Cemetery was built in 1892, just after the Civil War. Since then, more than 7,500 and 6,500 more Civil War veterans have been interred there. The entire barrier island’s four kilometers of coastal beaches are the natural wonderland, which is just 20 miles away by car. So take off your shoes and enjoy all the beach offers.

Hunting Island’s Lighthouse

Climb the lighthouse on Hunting Island. Take a deep breath as you climb the 175 stairs to the lighthouse in South Carolina. The ancient structure of the lighthouse is scaled by 200 people daily on average. It’s one of the most amazing vistas you’ll ever see, even if you’re afraid of heights.

Water Tours

Numerous water-related activities are available in Beaufort to complete a weekend. You will be led on a 2-mile paddleboard trip by Tim and Hobie, Tim’s lovely dachshunds. With Captain Dick’s River Tours, take in the sunset. On the Prince of Tides, which can accommodate 24 guests, you may see beautiful countryside and wildlife.

Santa Elena History Center

Visitors can travel through time and explore the city’s history at the Santa Elena History Center. First, learn about “America’s Untold Story,” a museum exhibit highlighting exploration and colonization in the 16th century, particularly in the Spanish town of Santa Elena. On Parris Island, the exhibit is situated. Before proceeding to the main presentation, you can view an introduction film and discover more about the beginnings of the story here.

Famous Churches

A few prominent churches to visit include the First African Baptist Church, St. Helena’s Episcopal Church, and St. Peter’s Catholic Church. The Beaufort Visitors Center includes a detailed map identifying the best locations for church excursions.

Beaufort County Towns You Must See


By keeping its distinctiveness and history, Bluffton has flourished and succeeded. Most communities only have one structure, one location, or one family that can convey their tale. Due to wars, such as the Civil War, Mother Nature’s devastation, or the need to erect new buildings, many American cities have lost their historical significance. Bluffton is a noteworthy outlier. Numerous historic structures, landmarks, and historic homes may be found in Bluffton’s Historic District. The people in charge of the town know how distinctive the Historic District is. So they keep making investments in it.

Although Bluffton continues to function in much the same way, the town has changed. Over the past few decades, the land area and the population have expanded. In addition, more than 20000 people live there due to many annexations. As a result, Bluffton, South Carolina’s fastest-growing community, consistently wins accolades for its high quality of life, low crime rate, forward-thinking economic development efforts, creative urban design, and superior living standards.

Hilton Head

Create lifelong summertime experiences at Hilton Head. Hilton Head is ideal for beach relaxation, golf, practicing your backhand, and discovering the island by parasailing or bicycle. On the Lowcountry, one of its most cherished Islands.

To blend in with the Hilton Head population, you must take a backward step. There could be a wider variety of tourists on this 42-square-mile barrier island, but you don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. Be mindful of the locals’ pace. They are a group of the Gullah descendants, formerly enslaved people who moved to the region after being set free. Mainland residents from the East Coast also make Hilton Head their second home. Finally, because of the lovely fairways, there are retirees and young families. If you’re looking for lively nightlife, seek elsewhere. Even so, there is nightlife; that does not imply that it is nonexistent. However, most evenings are spent at leisurely dinners or listening to live music on the waterfront. If you visit Hilton Head, it’s a terrific time to unwind.

Sports like tennis, golf, and spa visits have become well-known. However, you can bring a tennis racquet or a golf club on any trip. A few of the Island’s natural wonders include the Coastal Discovery Museum and the 12 kilometers of sandy beaches. Hilton Head has something for everyone, whether you come to practice your backhand, see low-country wildlife up close, or relax on the beach.


Hardeeville is located near Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort. It is a tiny city situated on the southern coast of South Carolina. It was established in 1911 and is said to be the most rapidly growing city in the Southeast. However, the history of this vibrant community is much more than the city’s incorporation as a municipality.

Hardeeville has over 7,000 residents with three constituent communities. It is the 62nd-largest South Carolina community. Nothing can beat the fresh aroma of a new house. Hardeeville is home to an abundance of new places. The recent growth in residential real estate indicates that people are opting to relocate to Hardeeville and spending their money on brand-new construction. The real estate in Hardeeville is generally among the newest in the nation.

Hardeeville is reportedly seeing an increase in wealthy individuals. The median income of households in the area is $65,245.00. Hardeeville’s house prices are among the most expensive in South Carolina. However, real estate is consistently among the most costly in America.


Ridgeland is a tiny coastal town in South Carolina, and it comprises three distinct areas: the ocean, bay, or inlet. Ridgeland has a total population of 3,758 people and has two communities. It’s the 93rd-largest community in South Carolina.

The nature of the area’s waters is among its greatest assets. It is near the ocean and tidal bodies, like bays and gulfs, and is also a little historical. As a result, these areas are very popular with tourists and locals who want to see the sights or participate in activities along the waterfront.

Unlike other towns with a majority of blue-collar or white-collar positions, Ridgeland isn’t one of those. Instead, it is home to a mixture of white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Overall, Ridgeland is a town of service companies, sales and office employees, and professionals. In addition, Ridgeland is home to a significant number of workers in the office, administrative support, maintenance positions, and food service.

Lady’s Island

Lady’s Island can be found north of Beaufort or Port Royal. Lady’s Island has seen significant commercial and residential growth over the decades. Stunning views of the waterfront and easy access to community boat ramps directly influence the island’s development. In addition, many homes are situated on large land areas with equestrian farms and maritime forests. Island residents say they enjoy the best of both worlds: peaceful rural living with peace, yet only minutes away from the city of Beaufort and Port Royal and the Sea Islands.

Lady’s Island offers the perfect combination of charming small-town charm and tranquil Lowcountry nature. It is one of the most sought-after locations in the northern part of Beaufort. Lady’s Island is located just eight minutes away from Beaufort, SC. Therefore, Lady’s Island feels like an extension of Beaufort, SC. However, Lady’s Island is slightly more rural. Lady’s Island was once home to indigo plants as well as the home of shrimpers and fishermen. It’s also the place where Beaufort’s first retirement facility was founded. Lady’s Island boasts miles upon miles of waterfront, making it a prime Beaufort real estate. Beaufort homes available for sale located on Lady’s Island are built property-by-property and not by the neighborhood. This permits Lady’s Island homes to reflect the individual preferences of each homeowner. There are a few luxury condominiums, smaller mansions, and modern houses. A lot of these houses have docks that are shared or private.