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Discover the Power of Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Summer Breeze Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing
Every car owner fears the inevitable wear and tear on their vehicle’s paintwork. From road debris and stone chips to harsh weather conditions, your car’s exterior faces numerous threats daily. Summer Breeze Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing offers a solution: our Paint Protection Film, or PPF, acts as an invisible guard, preserving your car’s pristine appearance and resale value.

Advantages of Choosing Summer Breeze Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing for Your PPF Installation:

We’re here to provide you the best service.

Our PPF services ensure that your car’s paint remains untouched by environmental factors, extending its lifespan.
With auto paint protection film, your vehicle will consistently showcase a glossy, showroom-like finish.
With an IDA-certified ppf installer, you can trust in the precision and quality of the application, ensuring your investment is protected.

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) ensures your vehicle receives the utmost protection while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Here's what makes our PPF stand out:

Our PPF is a thin yet robust urethane material designed to shield your car’s paint from scratches, stone chips, bird droppings, bug splatter, and other environmental contaminants. It acts as a second skin, ensuring your vehicle’s exterior remains pristine.

Tailored to your vehicle, our PPF is custom-cut to provide a perfect fit, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection while being virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Beyond just safeguarding your vehicle, our PPF enhances the vibrancy and gloss of your car’s paint, ensuring it always looks its best.

The innovative self-healing properties of our PPF allow minor scratches and blemishes to vanish, maintaining a consistently flawless appearance.

With our PPF, your car’s exterior is protected against the elements, ensuring it looks brand new for longer. Drive with confidence knowing your investment is safeguarded.

Our PPF makes cleaning and maintaining your car’s exterior a breeze, as contaminants are less likely to stick to the protected surface.

By choosing our PPF, you’re not just protecting your vehicle; you’re preserving its beauty and ensuring it stands the test of time.

At Summer Breeze Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing, we elevate your vehicle’s protection with our exceptional Paint Protection Film (PPF) services. As an IDA-certified detailing company, we specialize in safeguarding your car’s exterior through our advanced PPF application techniques. 

Our comprehensive PPF service includes a meticulous cleaning process, followed by the application of premium quality PPF. This film is specially designed to shield your car’s paintwork, offering a robust layer of protection against road debris, scratches, and environmental factors. Every part of your car’s exterior, from bumper to bonnet, is carefully covered with PPF, ensuring maximum protection while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

The benefits of our PPF go beyond just surface protection. This film provides a self-healing feature that helps eliminate minor scratches and scuffs, keeping your car looking newer for longer. It also offers exceptional UV protection to prevent paint fading and maintain the vibrant appearance of your vehicle.

At Summer Breeze Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing, we are committed to delivering superior car care. We use state-of-the-art technology, high-grade materials, and expert craftsmanship in our PPF services. Experience enhanced protection and peace of mind with a vehicle that’s not only visually stunning but also equipped to withstand the rigors of daily driving.

Protect Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF)

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Excellent mobile washing service! The company worked to reschedule to meet our needs and professionally cleaned our RV and Jeep! Very accommodating and thorough! We were extremely pleased with their service and work ethic! Plus the outcome! WOW! Thank you!  

Dave & Cherly


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Protect Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF)


With proper care, PPF can last several years, protecting your car’s exterior.

Our PPF and ceramic coating are virtually invisible, maintaining your car’s aesthetics.

Yes, PPF is designed to be safely removed by professionals without causing any harm to the original paint.

It’s recommended to wait at least a week after the PPF installation

before washing your car to ensure optimal adhesion and curing.

Yes, our auto paint protection film offers UV resistance, safeguarding your car’s paint from fading and discoloration due to sun exposure.

Summer Breeze Ceramic Coating provides a warranty on our PPF services, ensuring quality and durability for your peace of mind.

Regular washing and avoiding abrasive materials will keep your PPF and ceramic coating in prime condition. Our team will provide you with detailed maintenance guidance post-application.

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